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About us

We’re making waves in the online world as masters in the field of lead generation. We’re on a mission to use our digital marketing powers of awesome to connect our users with exactly what they are looking for.

Our goal is to provide value for our users, our owners, and our employees by creating work we are proud of. We do that by spending a lot of time listening to our site visitors and understanding what they want.

Our philosophy is simple. Work hard, have fun, reap the benefits.

Who We Are

Do you have what it takes to be part of the most driven digital marketing team? We have heaps of expertise and experience, we produce awe-inspiring work and smash targets. Now’s the perfect time to join us! Let us introduce you to the lead members of our team:

Arturs Sarma

Head of Marketing

Samuel Hovi

Head of Sales

Roberts Batraks

Head of Operations

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We believe great employees are the key to success. As we push boundaries and spread our wings further into new markets, we need talented people who match our vision to join our team of superstars. We’re looking for staff who are passionate about what they do, confident in their abilities, reliable and positive.

Open positions

Send your CV and cover letter to us by email: [email protected]